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We provide SEO services in Pakistan. Website div is a SEO company based n Islamabad. With years of experience & on going efforts we know which SEO factors can boost your website rankings. At website div, we have experienced SEO experts who are dedicated to improve your website performance, reach wider audience, improve your website visibility & rank your website on SERP.

We implement these SEO factors for better rankings

1. Quality Content

We focus on providing value to your website visitors. Great content can do wonders for your business.
2. Research keywords

We use multiple tools to find out the best relevant keywords for your site. Relevant keywords can bring in relevant searchers.
3. Positive use of keywords

Keywords stuffing can land your website into deep trouble. Search engines can penalize your website for keyword spaming.
4. Easy to crawl

It is super important that your website is easy to crawl for search engine crawlers. We will make your website easy to crawl for search engines like Google.
5. Mobile Optimized

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices you will lose the game. Our team will make your website optimized for mobile devices.
6. Fast Page Speed

We make sure that your site is fast for every body. Using tool such as GT Metrix we analyze your website performance. We claim your site to load within 3 sec
7. Update content

It is important to update your website content. We monitor your website & add more relevant keywords for better rankings.
8. Images & Videos

Images & videos can improve your search engine rankings. Videos are super easy to watch & a quick mean of communication..
9. Increase website authority

MOZ & ahrefs consider website authority as a key factor for SEO success. Our SEO specialists strive hard to increase your website authority.
10. Heading Structure

We take care of your website heading structure. It is easier for Search engine crawlers to understand your website content. It helps the site visitors as well.
11. Using HTTPS

We encourage all clients to buy SSL certificate. Securing your website is important for visitors, search engines & your business.
12. Improving the Bounce rate.

Search engines like Google calculate your website bounce rate. The more the user stay the higher the rankings.
13. Choose target country

We ask you about your target cuntry so we can specify yur target country in search console.
14. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. We use AMP for better performance.
15. High quality Backlinks

We work on acquiring high quality backlinks from relevant websites. Google consider high quality backlinks from trusted websites.
16. Local SEO

Google my business is one of the best way to improve your local SEO. GMB allows you to share your complete information & post recent content.
17. Use of Keywords in title

Using keywords in title will help Google crawlers to understand your website content in a better way.
18. Google Analytics

Google anayltics integration can help you monitor your audience behavior, number of visitors, website bounce rate etc. It also helps you to keep a record of your marketing efforts as well.
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